James Hardie

“No other siding endures the elements better”
James Hardie

Why does James Hardie have its own page? We believe this product solves our customer's long-term & short-term issues. It's one ofthe best products in the Midwest and received the #1 ROI award at a modeling show. James Hardie siding outperforms siding competitors such as OSB siding & vinyl siding in every climate category. In the Midwest there's no better option.

Why all the hype for James Hardie?

James Hardie has the saying "Either you've got Hardie or you've got a problem." This company has a R & D department dedicated to making the best material. The company offers a 30-year warranty, and unlike other siding  products, it'll save you on maintenance costs common with rival products. The product is exceptionally durable and protective because of their Hardie zone system, a siding system dedicated to providing the best fiber cement material for your region.

South Holland, Illinois                            South Holland, Illinois

A James Hardie product combats water issues that plague siding such as mold, swelling, or cracking (due to heavy moisture). The durability of James Hardie allows it to be the top of its class throughout the Midwest. This product is neither wood or plastic - what could it be? The material is fiber cement (combination of sand & cement).  Fiber cement can only be ruined by intensive heat, and yet the end result is only a slight discoloration. James Hardie’s fiber cement will be the best wall of defense for your household. This product won’t burn or melt, but protect the house along with your most prized possession - your family.

We recommend reading more about the products they offer and check out their YouTube channel. The Total team loves this product and we guarantee you will too.

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