Green Initiative

The construction industry is a leading industry for waste and fossil fuel consumption. So, Total Roofing and Construction Services has committed itself to cultivating an environmentally friendly organization. Total has adapted numerous programs to help reduce waste and improve our overall impact.

Waste Management:

Shingles are the most used product of our organization and this past year we recycled over 2,000 tons of asphalt shingles. After a roof tear off our professional installers separate debris and bring old shingles to a nearby recycle center rather than a landfill. The old shingle byproduct is used for road maintenance and new asphalt roads.



Fuel consumption and pollution are consequences of job transportation. Our organization recently made a commitment to purchasing eco-boost trucks. These trucks decrease fuel consumption and lower our carbon footprint. Additionally we partnered with Teletrac to help utilize the most efficient routes from headquarters to job sites. This program allows us to reduce our overall gas footprint. The less we pay, the more you save!


Job planning and an increased attention to detail is the best way to cut back on our environmental consumption. Thorough job planning from dumpster placement, material quantity, present tools, and product overview save time. The more time in construction leads to the possibilities of affecting the environment/consumption.


Buy local:

We believe buying local is beneficial for the local economy, community, and more importantly for the environment. Local supply houses and recycling centers (closest to job site) are used to reduce fuel consumption for our supply partners.

Technology growing:

Total is adapting numerous software programs to help reduce our paper trail, ink usage, and unwarranted tasks. These programs help our administration and project manager with job planning, filing, blueprints, and various tasks.

Partner Programs:


Trees for the Future. “Plant trees, save lives” Total Roofing understands the importance of giving back and the value of trees. This program invests their resources in restoring areas with trees and other plant life. The reforestation occurs throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They select areas that experience significant droughts, flood-ridden sections, and technical assistance.

Green Initiative

Quality Control

Our team will plan, design, and complete the project to your satisfaction, No matter the size of your project. Before starting your project, our team of experts will first assess your goals. You are provided with an estimate and time-line for completion. From beginning to end, you will be involved every step of the way.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We take pride in offering the best in workmanship and service throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We are a state licensed, bonded, and insured contractor.

Our license no. is 104.011280.

Award Winning Contractors

Every year we strive to be a leading provider of roofing, windows, doors, siding, and insulation. We measure our success through our certificates and awards received through our suppliers,  associations, and community.