Interior / Exterior Reports

Is your board planning the yearly budget, but not sure about renovations? Maybe you're debating between buildings to fix or thinking where to start. Many customers face these questions every year, while living by the quote "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," but this can lead your association into the red. Avoid that unexpected roof repair if you can fix it.

Situations such as these have led us to putting together our Total Reports. We believe our professional building reports position you to make the best decision not only for the property/properties, but most importantly, for you.

Each report entails

Our project managers complete a thorough inspection for each building requested. This inspection includes: checking each roof (we get on all of them), siding, fascia, insulation, gutters, windows, and soffit. Interior inspection is available upon request. Interior includes drywall, paint, carpet, cabinetry (kitchen, trim, & doors), and tile.


Reports for commercial, industrial, and residential structures are available

We understand we might not be your roofer or tenant, which only benefits you. This provides you with an unbiased report for you and the association. The project manager completing the inspection is available for a presentation if needed. Presentations allow us to field questions and educate you on details that are commonly misunderstood.

Quality Control

Our team will plan, design, and complete the project to your satisfaction, No matter the size of your project. Before starting your project, our team of experts will first assess your goals. You are provided with an estimate and time-line for completion. From beginning to end, you will be involved every step of the way.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We take pride in offering the best in workmanship and service throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We are a state licensed, bonded, and insured contractor.

Our license no. is 104.011280.

Award Winning Contractors

Every year we strive to be a leading provider of roofing, windows, doors, siding, and insulation. We measure our success through our certificates and awards received through our suppliers,  associations, and community.